Kawakami Sangyo Co.,ltd.

Kawakami Sangyo Co.,ltd.


Company profile

Corporate nameKawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.Ohya
Our company's icon
FoundationJun 5, 1968
PresidentKeisuke Yasunaga
Number of employees461
2-50 Sennaridori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 453-0818 Japan
tel.+81-52-483-1031    fax.+81-52-483-3351

Homat Horizon Bldg 4F, 6-2 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0076 Japan
tel.+81-3-3288-3231    fax.+81-3-3288-3232
Business overview 1) Manufacture and sales of varieties of "Bubble Sheet" for the petrol industry
Sales12.0 billion yen (fiscal year 2011)

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Layer structure

  1. The most loved basic products of Kawakami Sangyo.
  2. Varieties of our bubble sheet product, "Putiputi", protects the wrapped materials.
  3. We have the world-class varieties of bubble sheet products!
  4. We also have wide varieties of processing methods such as cutting, punching and shaping sheet as bags to help your work efficiency in every scene.

Heart Puti

"Heart Puti", bubble sheet with heart-shaped bubbles, and another type of bubble sheet that is for entertainment purpose of crushing with big noise are popular not only in Japan but also in other countries.


P.T. is a series of stationery made of crush-resistant bubble sheet of the first in the world. There are five items under our P.T. brand: file case a mobile computer fits in, card case, pen case, case for iPad and other mobile tablet and smart phone case.


Plapearl consists of two plastic boards with vacuum-formed cylinder called "cap" in between. Excellent rigidity and light weigh. It is made of polyolefin that does not create toxic gases such as hydrogen chloride and dioxin. Thus, it is environmentally friendly and excellent in recycling. Plapearl is used for our products including large container, partitions, display units and disaster supplies.

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Our action for environmental protection

Putiputi and Plapearl is made of polyethylene wrapping the air. They are environmentally friendly and excellent in recycling. The bubble air in the sheet is of course clean, and when completely burned, the polyethylene around the air dissolves into water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Plapearl is light and rigid product consisting of two plastic boards with vacuum-formed cylinder called "cap" in between.
We strive to offer products that protect not only the materials to wrap with our sheet but also the environment.

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Putiputi Culture Laboratory

Bubble sheet is called "Putiputi" in Japanese.
Kawakami Sangyo established "Putiputi Culture Laboratory" in 2001.
The lab aims to expand usage of Putiputi and does research on the product.

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Where can I get PUTIPUTI® (PLAPEARL®)?
You can get them at our shop on the Internet, PUTIPUTISHOP from the link below.
Please send us an e-mail (info@putiputi.co.jp), if you cannot find what you want in the store.
And HEARTPUTI is available at SIMOJIMA in the United States.
Could I get some samples?
We are happy to send samples, if you could kindly bear the shipping cost.
Would you send us an e-mail (info@putiputi.co.jp) about the name, size and quantity of the samples you want?

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